Prof. Jesper Oppelstrup's Visit to the Alexander von Humboldt Chair at RWTH Aachen

Prof. Jesper Oppelstrup Copyright: © Math4UQ

We are pleased to announce the recent visit of Prof. Jesper Oppelstrup from KTH Stockholm to the Alexander von Humboldt Mathematics for Uncertainty Quantification Chair at RWTH Aachen. Prof. Oppelstrup's visit took place from October 16th to 21st, 2023.

  Prof. Jesper Oppelstrup and Prof. Raul Tempone Copyright: © Math4UQ

During his stay, Prof. Oppelstrup dedicated his time to personally interviewing each member of the AvH Chair team. These interactions were not just cursory meetings but in-depth discussions tailored to understand the team's research and its alignment with broader scientific objectives. Each team member benefited from Prof. Oppelstrup's extensive knowledge and receiving technical feedback.
In addition to his technical insights, Prof. Oppelstrup generously provided invaluable career advice to our young researchers, sharing his experiences and wisdom from his illustrious academic journey.
Such collaborative interactions underscore the global commitment to knowledge-sharing and the importance of mentorship in the academic realm. We are profoundly grateful to Prof. Oppelstrup for his time and insights, and we look forward to receiving him again in 2024.