Khaoula Ben Chaabane: From UQ chair to Deutsche Telekom


Khaoula Ben Chaabane, a former student and researcher at the Chair of Mathematics for Uncertainty Quantification (MATH4UQ) at RWTH Aachen University, has recently graduated with a master's degree in applied mathematics and started a new career at Deutsche Telekom.

  Ben Chaabane

Ben Chaabane joined the MATH4UQ chair in 2020 to complete her bachelor's thesis and then continued working as a HiWi (student assistant) for the duration of her master's studies. She was involved in an exciting project with very interesting and bright collaborators, where she learned a lot and deepened her knowledge and skills in different areas of mathematics and got insights into the world of academia.

Ben Chaabane is now excited to start the first step of her professional career as a startup graduate in technology and innovation at Deutsche Telekom, where she will have the opportunity to work on various projects within different departments. She hopes to apply her mathematical skills and knowledge to solve real-world problems and create innovative solutions.