• Seminar on Applied and Industrial Mathematics

Date: 22 March 2021

Speaker: Raúl Tempone

Title: Quantifying Uncertainty with a Derivative Tracking SDE Model and Application to Wind Power Forecast Data

Abstract: We develop a data-driven methodology based on parametric Itô's Stochastic Differential Equations (SDEs) to capture the real asymmetric dynamics of forecast errors. Our SDE framework features time-derivative tracking of the forecast, time-varying mean-reversion parameter, and an improved state-dependent diffusion term. Proofs of the existence, strong uniqueness, and boundedness of the SDE solutions are shown under a principled condition for the time-varying mean-reversion parameter. Inference based on approximate likelihood, constructed through the moment-matching technique both in the original forecast error space and in the Lamperti space, is performed through numerical optimization procedures. We propose another contribution based on the fixed-point likelihood optimization approach in the Lamperti space. All the procedures are agnostic of the forecasting technology, and they enable comparisons between different forecast providers. We apply our SDE framework to model historical Uruguayan normalized wind power production and forecast data between April and December 2019. Sharp empirical confidence bands of future wind power production are obtained for the best-selected model.

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