Anamika Pandey

Dr. Anamika Pandey
Lehrstuhl für Mathematics for Uncertainty Quantification


Building: 1953

Room: 152

Pontdriesch 14-16

52062 Aachen


Phone: +49 241 80 99200

About me

Anamika is a postdoctoral research scientist at the Chair of Mathematics for Uncertainty Quantification. I have joined the Chair at RWTH in November 2018 but my association with Prof. Dr. R. Tempone has started in 2017 at King Abdullah University of Technology, Saudi Arabia. I did my Ph.D. from the University of Kaiserslautern, Germany under the supervision of Prof. Dr. A. Klar.


Research Interests

  • Uncertainty quantification
  • Bayesian inference
  • Deterministic and stochastic fluid dynamics
  • Numerical methods for deterministic and stochastic differential equations
  • Meshfree numerical methods


Journal articles

  1. A. Pandey, A. Klar and S. Tiwari. Meshfree method for fluctuating hydrodynamics. Mathematics and Computers in Simulation, Volume 82, Issue 11, Pages 2157-2166, July 2012.
  2. A. Pandey, S. Hardt, A. Klar, and S. Tiwari. Brownian dynamics of rigid particles in an incompressible fluctuating fluid by a meshfree method. Computers & Fluids, Volume 127, Pages 174-181, March 2016.
  3. J. Che, L. Chen, S. Goettlich, A. Pandey and J. Wang. Boundary layer analysis from the Keller-Segel system to the aggregation system in one space dimension. Communications on Pure and Applied Analysis, Volume 16, Issue 3, Pages 1013-1036, March 2017.
  4. M. Ballesio, J. Beck, A. Pandey, L. Paresi, E. von Schwerin and R. Tempone. Multilevel Monte Carlo acceleration of seismic wave propagation under uncertainty. GEM - International Journal on Geomathematics, Volume 10, Number 1, Pages 22:1 -- 22:43, Sep. 2019.

Conference Proceedings

  1. A. Pandey, A. Klar and S. Tiwari. Brownian dynamics of rigid body by fluctuating hydrodynamic equations. Proceeding in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (PAMM), Volume 12, 2012.
  2. A. Pandey, A. Klar and S. Tiwari. Meshfree method for the stochastic Landau-Lifshitz Navier-Stokes equations. Proceeding of PARTICLE-BASED METHOD II Fundamental and Applications.

Ph.D. Dissertation:

A. Pandey. Meshfree method for fluctuating hydrodynamics. Publisher: Dr. Hut Verlag: Sternstr. 18, 80538 Munich, ISBN 9783843912228.

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