Alexander von Humboldt Prof. Raúl Tempone visits the DLR center in Köln.

Alexander von Humboldt Prof. Raúl Tempone visits the DLR center in Koln. Urheberrecht: © Math4UQ

On October 18th, 2023, Alexander von Humboldt Prof. Raúl Tempone visited the DLR center in Köln. Hosted by Prof. Michael Felderer and his team, the visit provided a valuable platform for knowledge exchange between the two institutions.


Prof. Tempone presented the structure and mission of the Alexander von Humboldt Mathematics for Uncertainty Quantification Chair at RWTH Aachen, highlighting its significant accomplishments over the first five years. He delved into the scientific focus of the Chair, showcasing relevant engineering applications in areas like renewable energy forecasting, mechanical wear, and fouling deposition. The discussion underscored the alignment of the Chair's activities with DLR's core interests and mission.

Prof. Michael Felderer, Director of the Institute for Software Technology (SC) at DLR, emphasized the institute's vital role in large language models and software development. His insights showcased the SC's significant contributions to engineering applications and technological innovations.

Achim Basermann from the HPC department discussed a spectrum of topics, from Performance Engineering to Quantum Computing, with a notable mention of their capability to simulate epidemiological models.

Philipp Knechtges, introducing the Scientific Machine Learning group (YML), spotlighted the importance of Uncertainty Quantification (UQ) across various DLR projects, from rocket engine intricacies to envisioning future energy networks.

Throughout the visit, a consistent theme emerged: the pivotal role of UQ in bolstering the resilience of engineering processes, reinforcing DLR's commitment to advancing UQ technologies.

It was evident from the discussions that there is a pressing need to forge stronger ties between the Alexander von Humboldt Chair at RWTH Aachen and DLR, leveraging the synergies of both institutions for future collaborations.